Standing Up To Big Business Standing Up To Big Business

If the last 6 years have taught us anything, its that big business does NOT care about you, or your family. We are here to stand up for your rights and put an end to profiteering at the expense of the consumers.

No "Out of Pocket" Expenses, Ever No "Out of Pocket" Expenses, Ever

We don’t want a single penny directly from you. We get paid from the recovery we obtain on your behalf. This way, we are on the same team.

Lawyers There For You, For Life Lawyers There For You, For Life

This is the start of a special partnership – one that will last for life. We don’t want just one case – we want to be in your corner forever. We want to be your Lawyers for Life.

  • Junk Faxes
  • Junk Texts
  • Pre-Recorded Messages & Autodialed Calls
  • Malware & Technology Fraud
  • Consumer Fraud & Unfair Business Practices
  • Illegal Collection Practices
  • False Advertising & Defective Products
Federal Law prohibits most unsolicited (or unwanted) advertising faxes.

Are junk faxes clogging up your fax machine? Tired of hearing about vacation offers and business loans? The law is very strict on junk faxes, so let us review your case.
Each illegal fax can be worth between $1,500 and $500!
And you are allowed to recover for multiple illegal faxes from the same Defendant. Federal law also imposes very strict and technical “opt-out” requirements that advertising faxes must comply with.

If you are receiving junk faxes and would like a FREE evaluation, please retain the originals and send us a copy via email ( or via fax 800-566-5670. Or, you can always call us at 800-566-5670. By contacting us you are requesting that we call you back.

We only take junk fax cases on contingency – this means that you never have to go “out of pocket.”

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