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Problem With False Advertisement or Deceptive Products?

This is when a company:

1. Makes false promises about a product that are not true; or
2. Sells a product that is unsafe or defective.

Examples include:

• Advertising that shoes can help you lose weight or “tone up” just by wearing them;
• Advertising that vitamins cure illnesses or problems, when they really don’t
• Cars that have serious defects – such as brake failure or sudden acceleration failure;
• Baby clothing that causes skin rashes.

If you feel you have been the victim of false advertising or defective products, please save the product, ads, receipts, and packaging and email us at info@allaccesslaw.com. Or, you can always fax or call us at 800-566-5670. By contacting us you are requesting that we call you back.

We only take these cases on contingency – this means that you never have to go “out of pocket.

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