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Problem With Malware or Tech Fraud?

Many parties are using modern technology for unlawful and improper purposes. Their motive is shameless and unadulterated greed. AllAccessLaw law takes special pride in conducting investigations and bringing the responsible parties to justice.

Examples of malware & technology fraud include:

• Unwanted websites opening on your computer, often as your “home page.”
• Constantly being re-directed to an unwanted website.
• Invasive and unwanted “pop-ups” that contain deceptive messages.
• Unwanted virus-scans that begin on their own.
• Software or iphone/droid apps where you unfairly lose credits, files, ebooks, movies or other things of value.

If you feel you have been the victim of malware of technology fraud, please email us at Or, you can always call us at 800-566-5670. By contacting us you are requesting that we call you back.

We only take these cases on contingency – this means that you never have to go “out of pocket.

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