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Problem Robo Calls and Autodialed Calls?

Are you getting robo calls? Tired of unwanted, spam phone calls? Do you get calls where there is “dead air,” or a long pause before being connected to an operator who offers you something?

The law is very strict here, so let us review your case.

If the calls are illegal, each one can be worth between $1,500 and $500!

And you are allowed to recover for multiple illegal calls from the same Defendant!

If you are receiving these calls please take a screen shot or picture of your call log and keep careful notes about what said – paying special attention for any company names. Then email us these items at Or, you can always call us at 800-566-5670. By contacting us you are requesting that we call you back.

We only take these cases on contingency – this means that you never have to go “out of pocket.”

Contact Us!

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